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Donation Jar

We believe in faithfully returning to God our tithes and offerings as an important act of worship. You can give during the church service or online.  See below for giving categories special to our church community. You can give to these ministries, and all others,  from the Adventist Giving site. 

Your Donations make a difference!

Local Budget

Giving to the local church budget helps keep our lights on and pay the expenses required in operating the church.  Our monthly local budget is approximately $14,000. 

Student Aid

Our desire is for every child that wants to attend Auburn Adventist Academy or Buena Vista SDA school to be able to do so.  

Church Ministries

These include women's and men's ministries, Sabbath school and children's ministries, and local church evangelism.

Blessing Fund

The Bible implores us to give to the needy. The blessing fund allows us to help those in the community who find themselves in need. 

Lighting Project

Our "Let There Be Light" campaign has a goal of raising $125,000 to cover the cost of needed lighting and electrical updates.

World Minstries

As part of the worldwide SDA church, we support the global efforts of the denomination to bring the name of Jesus to all nations.  Many ministries are listed on Adventist Giving that need your support. 

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